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Meeting Room Booking - Meetio Room 12 month Software License

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Book and manage your meeting rooms with ease

Meetio Room is a room booking software that connects to your existing company calendar in Office 365, Exchange or G Suite (Google Calendar). The software is used together with a display that you mount outside the meeting room (see certified displays here).

The status of each room is clearly visualized through the simple traffic light system, making it easy for everyone to understand and use the software. Meetio Room not only makes it easy to quickly find and book meeting rooms, it also saves you time and office space. Forget about "stolen" rooms, disrupted meetings and empty rooms due to no-shows. Get smoother workdays with better meetings and increased productivity!

Meetio Room software license is a 12 months subscription (for one device) and includes:

  • Smart and simple software
  • Support via phone and email
  • Cloud based management
  • Room usage statistics
  • Software updates
  • Works on Android 4.4 or higher

Want more information about Meetio Room? Just go here and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.