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Workplace Wayfinding - Meetio View 12 month Software License

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All your office spaces united on one screen

Meetio View is a room overview and wayfinding software that connects to your existing company calendar in Office 365, Exchange or G Suite (Google Calendar). The software is used together with a screen that is, ideally, located in a public area or reception (use your own display together with Meetio View Player).

Meetio View displays information about meetings during the day and which meeting rooms that are booked. You can choose to showcase your workplace in three different ways; in a grid view, a list view or with interactive floor plan maps where people can see where the closest available meeting room is and various points of interest.

The grid and agenda view comes as standard while floor plan maps is an add-on that you can read more about here. Meetio View not only visualizes your office, you can also make instant bookings on the screen with the ease of a click.

Meetio View software license is a 12 month subscription (for one device) and includes:

  • Smart and simple software
  • Support via phone and email
  • Cloud based management
  • Software updates
  • Works on Android 4.4 or higher

Want more information about Meetio View? Just go here and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.